Where a business is involved in separation, divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership, it is important to seek legal advice. This is a specialised area of law, and moreover, any errors can have a devastating effect on your business. The best approach is to ensure your business is adequately protected from divorce at the outset, for example by making a prenuptial agreement, or by sharing ownership with a third party to avoid the business assets simply being shared equally between the separating couple.

If you find yourself facing separation from your partner without an agreement in place, we recommend you speak to us at the soonest opportunity. If there is any evidence of assets being moved in contemplation of a divorce, this will not be looked upon favourably by the court – who have the power to set aside transactions that have been entered into to avoid being shared equally on separation.

Speak to one of our expert family lawyers to discuss your options. We will examine every detail to ensure you and your business’ interests are protected as much as possible. Divorce need not be devastating - we can negotiate on your behalf so you can move forward with your life, and your business.

Legal Advice on Separation for Business Owners, Basingstoke, Reading, Portsmouth, Guildford, Salisbury & Southampton

We are a down to earth firm of family law experts, with a friendly, human approach to legal services. We provide fair and workable solutions that put families first, with a particular focus on child law, we advise on all areas of family law, including financial disputes, prenuptials, divorce, separation and dissolution of civil partnerships.

For guidance and representation on your relationship and family or business issues, speak to one of our team. Child Law Partnership have offices in Guildford, Basingstoke, Southampton, Portsmouth and Salisbury helping families across Hampshire, Surrey, Wiltshire, Reading and the surrounding areas. We offer a fixed fee initial appointment where you can receive full advice with a follow up in writing in order that you can consider your options. Give us a call on 01256630080 or complete our enquiry form.

Child Law Partnership have offices in Basingstoke, Guilford, Southampton and Salisbury serving clients across Hampshire, Surrey and Wiltshire.

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