Child Law Partnership family lawyers are members of Resolution and are committed to follow the Resolution Code of Practice but what does that mean for you?

Resolution: For Family Disputes

Resolution’s principles and Code of Practice are based on the premise that, rather than resolving family disputes acrimoniously, it is much better to have a constructive approach that considers the needs of the whole family.

Resolution, originally called “Solicitors Family Law Association,” was created in the 1980s by a group of family lawyers who were committed to moving away from the “norm” where families found their cases were frequently dealt with contentiously and final decisions on their future were made by a Court. They were convinced that this was not the best way forward and Resolution and the Code of Practice were born setting out a new approach – “a better way.

All too frequently where there is a breakdown of a relationship, children are involved. Finding ways to deal with the issues arising in a non-confrontational way and reaching agreement keeps you in control of the outcome and paves the way for good foundations for the family going forward. This is particularly important where there are children as the parents will still need to work together for many years to come.

A Resolution member will listen to you; take into account what you want to achieve; consider and discuss all options with you; and focus on long term solutions whilst also balancing the financial and emotional costs with you.

They will do their very best to manage conflict and confrontation, whilst encouraging you to put the best interests of children first.

Dealing with matters in a conciliatory way rather than in a confrontational way keeps you in control of your situation and provides certainty of the outcome.

That also has the added benefit of keeping your costs down – leaving you with money that is better spent on the family than legal fees.

The Court process is still available for those situations where it is not possible to reach an agreement but only as a last resort, and, even then, the Court will still encourage further negotiation and agreement.

The Code of Practice has recently been updated to take into account the changing family justice environment, with input from Resolution’s membership of over 6,500 family lawyers. However, this update does not detract from the original vision of helping families.

The Code can be found here.

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Child Law Partnership have offices in Basingstoke, Guilford, Southampton and Salisbury serving clients across Hampshire, Surrey and Wiltshire.

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