Our Fees

Our Fees

We recognise that it is important to our clients to be in control of the costs of their case. We are open and transparent with our costs and provide regular cost estimates. We are proud to be very competitive in comparison to other local firms, without compromising on quality.

We believe that our fees offer excellent value for money. We offer a fixed fee initial appointment for your first appointment with us. At that meeting, we can provide you with an estimate of your overall potential costs, based on your particular situation.

We understand that it is important that you know how your legal fees are calculated and how much the process is likely to cost you

We can offer the following fee options:

Fixed Fees

We offer a fixed fee first appointment for £120 plus VAT. At that appointment, we will advise you fully. We will provide you with confirmation of the advice in writing.

Dependent upon the nature of your matter we then have a number of fixed fee options which provide you with the security of knowing what your costs are at the outset.

Full details of the fixed fee options are available on enquiry.

Hourly Rates

Our fees are charged on an hourly rate, the rate you pay will depend on the lawyer who is dealing with your case, and the level of their experience and expertise.

In addition to our fees you will probably be subject to charges for expenses, which solicitors refer to as disbursements. These will usually be for things like Court fees (for example to formally start the divorce/dissolution of civil partnership procedure), a search at the Land Registry (to establish formal ownership of property) or for a barrister’s advice or representation (typically needed in more complex cases).

We always provide our clients with detailed information about what their likely expenses will be from the very outset. If unanticipated expenses arise, we always obtain a quote or detailed estimate in advance of that expense arising. We firmly believe that our clients should be in control of their legal fees.

As well as providing our clients with a cost estimate from the outset we also provide ongoing billing, usually on a monthly basis, so you always know where you stand in regard to legal fees.

Once we have agreed on the approach you would like to take, your lawyer will give you a cost estimate of what your case should cost from the outset.

Legal Aid

Legal Aid is available to all parents (and others with parental responsibility) and children involved in public law cases where a local authority is applying for a court order, regardless of their financial situation.

Legal Aid is only available in private law cases in limited situations, e.g. disputes between couples and parents in very limited cases if you or your child have suffered or are at risk of violence or abuse and can produce the documentary evidence required by the Legal Aid Agency to prove it. In addition, it is always means tested.

How much will my divorce or dissolution of civil partnership cost?

Divorce costs are dependent on the circumstances of the case and the approach required.

Divorce / Dissolution of civil partnership proceedings

In every divorce/dissolution of civil partnership case, there are additional court fees to pay. These are currently £593 to make the application , which includes the fee for applying for the interim divorce/dissolution of civil partnership order (called the conditional order) and the final order finalising the divorce/dissolution of civil partnership.

Finances and Children

Separation, divorce and dissolution of civil partnership will often throw up complex issues in relation to the splitting of finances and arrangements for the children and you are advised to get professional legal advice.

If both parties can agree on how to separate their financial resources and the arrangements for the children it is unlikely you will need to go to court and this is likely to reduce the overall costs of your case. Instead, your lawyer will ensure your agreement is a legally-binding document that meets with the court’s approval.

Going to court

If agreement is not possible further costs will accumulate if a court hearing is required, including barrister costs, court fees and any other third-party services required to provide valuations or evidence for the hearing.

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