Civil Partnership Dissolution

Civil Partnership Dissolution

If your civil partnership has broken down, our specialist family lawyers are on hand to help you through the dissolution process. With an outstanding track record of helping same-sex couples through dissolution matters, we are on hand to help you when you need us most.

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Civil partnership dissolution solicitors

Our specialist family lawyers are able to help and support those who wish to end their civil partnership or need advice regarding a same sex relationship. We specialise in providing advice and representation for dissolution proceedings and have many years of experience in working with couples who are separating.

Through our regional offices located around Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire and Wiltshire, we’re able to provide representation in dissolution proceedings occurring anywhere in the country. We have the experience and ability to provide that representation regardless of where a person lives, at home or abroad, if the proceedings are to take place within England or Wales.

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How do I end my civil partnership?

The rules governing the dissolution of same sex marriages and civil partnerships are the same as heterosexual marriages, with similar consideration needing to be given to the finances and children.

A civil partnership can be brought to an end by dissolution but is not dissolved until a Final Order is granted by the court. The pronouncement of a Final Order cancels all legal duties and responsibilities of the civil partnership and essentially ends the legal contract between the couple.

The dissolution process does not include making final arrangements for children or financial settlement. Although often very relevant to a separating couple, these arrangements are in addition to the dissolution itself and can be dealt with either by agreement or by applications to court if agreements cannot be reached.

How is the dissolution of civil partnership initiated?

You can only apply for dissolution of civil partnership if you have been in a civil partnership for at least one year. You can apply on your own or together either online or by sending a paper application at Court. The applying party is called the ‘Applicant’(or Applicant 1 and 2 in a joint application), and the receiving party is called the ‘Respondent’.

In England, you will need to confirm to the Court that your marriage has irretrievably broken down.

What happens next?

The receiving party needs to acknowledge the Application and say whether or not they want to defend the application. This can only be done in limited circumstances. If it is not disputed, the Applicant/s can apply for a Conditional Order no earlier than 20 weeks after the date of the Application.

There is a mandatory six week and one day time period after the Conditional Order is made before the Applicant/s can apply for the Final Order. This is the final order and dissolves the civil partnership.

Once the Conditional Order has been pronounced, the Court can make an order dealing with the parties’ assets. It can be unwise to apply for the Final Order until financial matters are settled.

Civil partnership dissolution - Further information

Same sex partners can find themselves in complicated parenting situations particular when children from a former heterosexual relationship are involved and where there are children from a new same sex relationship. It is important to work out whether you have parental responsibility if you are in a same sex couple and are separating.

Parental responsibility gives you the legal right to make decisions about issues such as your child’s education, religion and medical treatment. It also means you have to consult with – or be consulted on such decisions by – the other legal parent.

Birth mothers automatically get parental responsibility for a child from birth, but fathers or partners may not. Our expert lawyers will be able to advise you on this and what your options are.

The birth certificate will record the birth mother as the ‘mother’ and her partner as a ‘parent’. No father’s details will (or can) be recorded if two women are named on the birth certificate.

It is now possible for same-sex couples in the UK to adopt a child together. Couples can apply to adopt through a local authority or an adoption agency.

You do not have to live in the local authority you apply to. Our family lawyers can guide you through all the legalities of the adoption process.

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Our wealth of knowledge in family law and civil partnership dissolution allows us to deliver practical solutions for our clients. Whether you would like to start the dissolution process or gain answers to pressing questions, feel free to contact our expert family lawyers on 01256 630080.

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